Preschool Kindergarten

Hornsby Heights

We provide long daycare for children between
3 and 6 years old in a safe, nurturing and stimulating
environment to aid each child's growth in all areas
of development.


Our amazing large outdoor garden area with natural trees, shrubs and grass, attracts children to spend time through explorations and investigations, prompting and questioning, guiding and scaffolding their discoveries and learning.

We provide quality early education and care.

We provide long daycare and preschool hours for children between 3 and 6 years old in an early learning environment, safe, nurturing and stimulating to aid each child’s growth in all areas of development.

We believe that early childhood education, is a fundamental need for every child. Our qualified, mature educators believe that children are the future citizens, and they require proper care, nurture, and guidance in child development. We can guarantee your child will leave from our care, with a solid foundation.

As a parent, you might want the best care and education, for your child. Through the interactions and networking with local primary schools, we are aware of the expectations of the child, and it’s being embedded to our school readiness program.

Our family operated small early learning center, takes immense pride in saying that we contribute to the best care and early education for the children, during their vital ages. Every child at our long daycare, will undertake a learning journey, filled with adventure and discovery.

Our early learning center also take pride in making a great effort to instill excellent etiquette practices in young children.

As a multinational society, we thrive to respect each other through broadening our perspectives through warm interactions that take place throughout the day.
Our Services

What We Provide

During certain activities the children break up into two groups, the Joeys and the Kangaroos.

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Commencing kindergarten at ‘big school’ is a significant milestone for every child and their family.

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The Computer gym is run weekly at the centre and provide lessons that are specially designed to engage your child's imagination.

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What Our Parents Says

Our boys loved the wide, open, grassy space at the back of the preschool. At pick-up time we would always find them happily playing in the large sandpit with their friends. There is a lovely community feel to the preschool and the multi-cultural backgrounds of families are valued and celebrated. A highlight of the year is the Christmas concert in which the kids perform and received a visit from Santa. Feedback from parents is both encouraged and taken on-board.


Our daughter Shavini has tremendously enjoyed every moment of her time at Hornsby Heights Preschool. Shavini always loved the grassy play area with the shady trees. But we were most impressed by the loving and nurturing care and attention every child receives.


When my son started at the preschool, he had just started speaking and was very shy. The educators were so patient with him and helped build his confidence in a number of areas including speaking English, numbers and counting, having meals independently, making friends, and playing games with other kids. Now he has become a confident and brilliant little student. We are so proud of our child’s achievement at the preschool. Thanks to all educators!